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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

A type of reorganization bankruptcy, Chapter 13 repayment plans are appropriate for those individuals with enough income to make arrangements to pay some or all of their debt within three to five years. It is often used to save clients’ homes from foreclosure, by removing second mortgages when possible, and curing first mortgage arrears. Chapter 13 is also appropriate for higher income debtors who make too much money to qualify for a Chapter 7 discharge.

Mr. Brumel will take you through the law’s “means test” and guide you in deciding if a Chapter 13 filing is the course of action for you. He will ensure that you understand both your rights and your responsibilities if you decide to pursue a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing. It is imperative to have the guidance of a qualified attorney while preparing your petition and supporting documentation – as well as wading through the ensuing negotiations with creditors and the court- appointed trustee.

Mr. Brumel has successfully filed hundreds of Chapter 13 bankruptcies, thereby helping his clients to start rebuilding their financial lives and futures.